Blackburn Hamlet Community Hall

COVID 19 Protocols for Community Hall Users

As of September 15th, 2021

1.  Mandatory Vaccination- All participants and instructors must have double vaccination and show proof of vaccination prior to attending the hall.  There will be no exceptions to this rule. No one will be allowed to take the Fall session without first having provided proof of their double vaccination.

Please give a Photocopy to Jan or send a digital copy to

     2.  All participants and instructors must complete the COVID -19 Screening self-assessment          prior to coming to the hall, the screening can be completed at the link below.

     3.  All users must signin with their name and telephone number and confirmation of                        completion of screening for contact tracing purposes prior to attendance.

There will be a daily sign in sheet for each class. 

  4. Masks must be worn when coming and going to and from the hall, once participants are at their assigned location in the hall for their activity, they can remove the mask provided they will remain in their assigned location.